Freelance Film maker - Concept developer | Story & Script writer | Director | Editor | Cinematographer | Entire Production Management

I am a traveller who use film as a medium of expression of ideas.

I am a self-taught, independent filmmaker, who did Bachelors in Architecture at the National Institute of Technology - Trichy, India.

On the stage of life, I am a traveler who listens to stories, express and experience life.
The seeds for filmmaking were sown by my mother who sat across the table to teach me in my 5th grade. On finding my difficulty in learning, she would tell me to imagine and run it like a cinema in my mind. I see every film as a new life on its own, So I give a part of my being to the film. More than a career; it’s an integral part of me.
The medium chose me to express and feel the magic. Art comes before the artist, so I intend to do my part. | +919944707516 |